Photoshop Soup 2 Nuts 2.0


Great Lakes Digital is an all-volunteer project, with everyone pitching in to help the Summers-Knoll School. The following people have given of their time and energy to make this a success, and we thank them.

Mike Gould and his photos Mike Gould is the GLD Webmaster. He works with Ruth Knoll to present the GLD story in HTML and CSS. An old hand at Photoshop (since 3.0), Mike has attended every one of the past GLDs (both of them), and looks forward to attending this one. Mike shoots RAW with his Canon 20D and a slew of expensive lenses of the latest design.

Mike is also a Macintosh computer expert, and works under the nom de net of MondoDyne.

Photo by Amir Gamzu from last year's GLD, Russell Brown's class.

Big Idea Magazine

Gym America
Again this year, Gym America has allowed us to use their credit card system. This saves us a great deal of technical turmoils and money. Thank you very much.

Avondale Media
Avondale has helped promote and advertise the conference.
Jeff pushed me into doing the Photoshop Widow series. I love it. Thanks Jeff. - Ruth

PMAIThanks for getting the word out.