Photoshop Soup 2 Nuts 2.0

GLD Nutritional Opportunities

An attendee enjoying a selection from
GLD2004's lunch buffet
Photo by Amir Gamzu

Great Lakes Digital provides a host of opportunities to nourish you body as well as your mind. Breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks as well as lunch are included with the conference. Please use the contact us page if you have any needs beyond the classic vegetarian cuisine.

Boyscouts work for food.
Photo by Amir Gamzu

After meal clean up was available too!

TTR 2.0

In addition to the day time food, A Ticket to Ride is now available as revision 2.

TTR 2.0 is a dinner encounter on Friday, June 24, from 6:30 until 9:30 for GLD attendees, presenters and volunteers.

TTR 2.0 has been revised. TTR 2.0 is pleased to announce that Katherine's Catering is preparing and serving dinner for all who care join us for an evening to relax, enjoy a glass of wine with new friends and good food. Talk with the presenters and get ready for a second day of Photoshop.

Our food selection includes entrés for both our herbivores and carnivores.

Music will be provided by Ann Arbor Music Center - a rock and roll school for young and old. Listen to the oldies and hear some new songs. Music will be rolling along from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM.

Sing along, dance, or sit and listen.

Additional fee of $30 per person is payable on the registration pages for TTR 2.0.

For those of you holding original Ticket to Ride tickets, a free up grade to TTR 2.0 is available for you at the door.