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A class at last year's event
Photo by Amir Gamzu wolverinephoto.com

Maggie Taylor & Jerry Uelsmann
The Creative Image: Digital & Darkroom

Jerry Uelsmann began creating his photographic blends in the darkroom in the early 1960s, and to this day he continues to manipulate negatives “the old-fashioned way.” Meanwhile, his wife, Maggie Taylor, is using the computer to create her digital prints. In the context of sharing a brief history of their work, they will explore the differences and surprising similarities in these two working processes. Without going into technical detail or “how to” information, Maggie and Jerry will give an overview of their working methods and practices, sharing their thoughts on analog versus digital in today’s creative world.

Maggie Taylor
Painterly Backgrounds and Masks

Follow along as Maggie Taylor shows you her process of building an image with parts that include scanned objects, digital photographs and drawings. With layers, blend modes, adjustment layers and a multitude of masks, she will show you how to build a background that has depth, and then how to place an object or character into this background in a painterly, semi-realistic fashion. If you have wondered what sorts of elements she selects for her work, and how she puts it all together, this will be a helpful and informative session. Participants should have a good working knowledge of Photoshop, including experience with layer masks and adjustment layers.

Jerry Uelsmann
The Creative Process

Jerry Uelsmann's image presentation is designed to stretch beyond the boundaries of technology and delves into the creative process, as it explores ways to access our inner vision. In conjunction with featuring several of his signature, darkroom-crafted montages (by means of an LCD projector, no less), Jerry discusses the ideas of pre- and post-visualization, which are critical ideas when approaching subject matter utilized for photo-montage. Whether you create images with traditional or digital imaging tools doesn't matter; come learn how to implement conceptual strategies for successful image creation from a living legend in photographic history. Time is provided for an audience question and answer period with Jerry.  http://www.uelsmann.com

Dan Burkholder
Converting Color to Grayscale and Other Meat and Potatoes Digital Techniques

You'll never do Image>Mode>Grayscale again after seeing all the control Photoshop gives you for stunning grayscale conversions. Step further into the digital age with this information-packed session of digital excitement. Dan Burkholder will take you by the hand to explore the power that Photoshop brings to real photographers. Learn how to plunder the best of Photoshop's vast array of tools to rekindle the passion in your photography!

Dan Burkholder
Selection Techniques; A Full Exposé

Knowing how to make selections accurately and quickly should at the top of your digital imaging flowchart. Learn why Dan Burkholder’s mantra, “Make a Selection and Do Something to it,” is his not-so-secret path to powerful image control in Photoshop. From Quick Mask to Alpha Channels, to Bezier Paths, Dan leaves no pixel unturned in this full-throttle digital confessional.

Dan Burkholder
Selections Workshop

Sure, you know the basics of making selections in your images. But wouldn’t you like to have total control over making selections? Dig deep into the underbelly of Photoshop to learn fun and exacting ways to select just what you want in your images. Learn which techniques work best with different images types. Practice your selections based on shape, color, contrast…you’ll learn them all in this hands-on session!

Dan Burkholder
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Darkroom

A Chemical-to-Digital Saga

Combining more than a decade of pixel prowess with an intense background in traditional photography, digital pioneer and irreverent author Dan Burkholder pulls back the covers on his personal photographic evolution. This is your chance to see and hear Dan Burkholder’s unique photographer/artist/humorist perspective on what photography was, what it has become, and what will never change in the medium he practices with a passion. http://www.danburkholder.com

Michael Grecco
Canon Digital Capture and Lighting the Dramatic Portrait

In this seminar, Michael will demonstrate how to create stylistic and dramatic images with Canon digital capture in conjunction with the tools, techniques, and strategies of lighting portraits on location.  Using his own work to illustrate this talk, he'll explain techniques for approaching subject matter, shaping areas for selective illumination, and controlling critical areas of shadow. Michael will also discuss his specialized lighting equipment, show the lighting diagrams of various sets, and reveal how he creates the striking signature work that he has become renowned for. Learn how to tap creative resources, and learn how to discover your own distinctive style of portraiture. 

The hands-on workshop Michael will be leading in the afternoon will allow you to work with the techniques covered in Michael's seminar.

Michael Britt (team teaching with Michael Grecco)

You don't have to shoot everything flat for digital capture. In a hands-on continuation from the earlier "Canon Digital Capture and Lighting the Dramatic Portrait" seminar, Michael Grecco and Michael Britt will demonstrate how to best utilize the strengths of the digital camera chip. In this workshop, you will learn how to hold both shadow and highlight detail by "scrubbing the exposure" in ACR. Workflow techniques for batching large quantities of images will also be discussed.

Thomas Knoll
Digital Cameras and Camera Raw
3.0 now, 3.1 sometime before the Soup2Nuts 2.0

Learn the latest features, watch a demonstration of the new features and ask all the questions you like. Tom will have his camera collection with him as well to talk about. This is your chance to get the straight talk from the horse's mouth.

Jeff Schewe
Digital Workflow: Actions and Automations

If you ever do the same thing more than 3 times in Photoshop, you -REALLY- need to learn actions and how to employ Photoshop's automation capabilities. Jeff Schewe will lecture about Photoshop's automation functionality including writing and running actions, doing batch operations and using Photoshop's built-in automate tools such as Save for Web, Web Photo Galleries, Contact Sheet and Picture Package.

Workshop: In this hands-on lab you'll learn to write, edit and run actions, use Photoshop's Batch operations as well as produce contact sheets and web photo galleries. This will be an intensive 3 hour workshop and attendees will receive actions written by Jeff and learn how to produce their own-easily!

Richard Newman
Continuing Integration of Digital Technology into today's Curriculum

Digital technology continues to advance and become a growing part of the educational landscape. Integrating this technology into today's photographic curriculum is the single most important topic educators, students and manufacturers face.

Key topics to be discussed will be:
A) Identifying a text with which to teach.
B) Making digital and traditional technology a part of every photographic conversation and how it applies to current curriculums.
C) How using digital technology can increase the creative process of educational image making.
How we as educators can build community amongst ourselves and keep this dialogue open for the future.

Bruce Fraser
Color-managed workflow with Camera Raw and Photoshop CS2

In this session, we'll cover a complete color-managed workflow from capture to output. You will learn:

While the focus of the session is on using color management to ensure predictable and repeatable color, you'll also learn how to use Camera Raw's powerful editing tools effectively, and useful Photoshop techniques for performing those corrections that can only be done post-conversion in Photoshop.

Novice Track

For our novice digital photographer attendees, we are pleased to present to you a sequence of presentations and workshops to introduce you to the world of digital photography and Photoshop. These courses are taught by experienced teachers at Wastenaw Community College.

The Workshops are held in the computer labs of Washtenaw Community College on Apple computers. Photoshop functions in the same manner on either the Apple or Windows operating system.

The recommended sequence of classes is this:

Digital Cameras - 1st or 2nd

Digital Darkroom 1st or 2nd

Adjustment layers 2nd or 3rd

Bob Foran
Digital Cameras Up and Running

This presentation is suggested as 1st or 2nd course choice for the novice digital photographer. Learn the function of the controls, buttons and menus on your digital camera. You will understand the settings for image size, quality, format, white balance, exposure mode and others in addition to learning how to effectively review and delete photographs. If you don't yet own a digital camera, learn about the features to look for in a camera prior to purchasing one!

Bob Foran
Hands-on workshop for
Digital Cameras Cameras Up and Running

In this session you will go through the steps of taking pictures, downloading them to a computer, editing them in the File Browser, and performing basic image adjustments. Learn a simple and effective workflow for taking digital photos and managing the resulting files in preparation for printing. Participants in this workshop will use their digital cameras to make photographs on campus at the beginning of the session.

Julia Gordon
Adjustment Layers: Think globally and act locally

This presentation is suggested as 2nd or 3rd course for the novice. This seminar is for individuals who already have a basic proficiency of Photoshop, and want to learn how to implement techniques to control density, contrast, and color balance not just globally, but locally. Participants will understand the principles and utilization of image layers, layer masks, and adjustment layers.

Julia Gordon
Hands-on workshop for
Adjustment Layers: Think globally and act locally

In addition to experiencing how Julia adjusts the image files of her nature photography, you will apply adjustment layers to at least one of her images in a variety of ways. Learn to create and modify adjustment layers for precise photographic control. Create layer masks for local area adjustment such as burning and dodging.

Marie Whisenant
Basic Digital Darkroom

This seminar shows you what to do with your photograph once it comes out of the camera and into the computer. See how to view, crop and adjust the tones of your photographs to prepare them for printing.

Marie Whisenant
Hands-on workshop for
Basic Digital Darkroom

In this session you will navigate through the tools and palettes of Adobe Photoshop, and you will use the computer to view, crop and adjust the tones of photographs. With hands-on instruction at an Apple computer, you will learn to make the common adjustments that most photographs require.