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Photograph by Thomas Knoll.
Copyright 2004

Photograph by Thomas Knoll.
Copyright 2004

Photograph by Thomas Knoll.
Copyright 2004

Photograph by Thomas Knoll.
Copyright 2004


All Sessions are open and ready for you!!

June 19, 2004

8:00 AM
Breakfast - Lobby of the Morris Lawrence Building
Registration is open
9:00 AM
Welcome - Roger Palay, Vice President of Instruction, Washtenaw Community College
Summers-Knoll School: Gil Leaf, Director
Nursing and Visual Arts: Gladys Knoll and Jennifer Baker
9:15 AM
Keynote: Katrin Eismann
9:45 AM
Keynote: Jeff Schewe
10:15 AM
10:30 to 11:52 AM
Photo Retouching
Katrin Eismann
Studio Work Flow
Jeff Schewe
Power Hour
Russell Brown
Lunch - Lobby of the Morris Lawrence Building
1:00 to 2:25 PM
Digital in the Raw
Thomas Knoll
On with the Masks
Katrin Eismann
Gallery Walk
Jeff Schewe
Book Making
Russell Brown
2:30 to 3:25 PM
3:30 to 5:00 PM
Gallery Walk
Katrin Eismann
Book Making
5:15 PM
Awards presentations - Towsley Auditorium
5:30 PM
After Glow - Lobby of Morris Lawrence Building
6:30 PM
adjourn until next year.

Photo Retouching, Katrin Eismann
Do you have valuable family photos that are faded, cracked, or damaged by mold, mildew, or neglect? This fact filled session will take advantage of the latest features in Adobe Photoshop CS to correct exposure and color cast problems, remove dust and scratches, and rebuild the most damaged originals. You will learn to work with Photoshop image adjustment, empty, and neutral layers to invisibly restore and retouch both antique and contemporary photographs – easily, quickly, and invisibly. Top

On with the Masks, Katrin Eismann
Photoshop masking is one of the most important concepts and features to understand and take advantage of to control tonal and color enhancements and create compelling composite images. Learn when and how to use layer and channel masks, layer sets, and clipping groups with confidence and panache. See how the pros pull masks that maintain hair and fine detail.
If you can imagine it – you can create it! Top.

Studio Work Flow
From shooting in a Raw format to using Photoshop CS's File Browser with Actions,
Jeff Schewe will show you how to get from "Point A" (shooting) to "Point B" (processing)
ASAP. Topics included will be how to use the File Browser to apply Camera Raw settings,
Batch Rename, and how to write simple actions for Batch processing. Additional subjects
will include working with 16 bit files for optimum quality as well as preparing your image for final output using Photoshop's Soft Proofing capability. This session will be the ultimate in
time savings workflow tips and techniques. Spend an 1.5 hours with Jeff now and
save hundreds of hours over the next year!

Gallery Walk
Walk the gallery and hear what the experts have to say about your photography. In this casual stroll through your the work you submitted for the Choice Awards, you will learn how to sharpen your eye to new ideas in composition, discuss new techniques in digital realm and
laugh with the best viewing the humor entries. Top

Schewe in the Dark
Using digital cameras and Photoshop, Jeff will demonstrate a whole new CREATIVE
way of thinking and shooting in the studio. Topics and demos to be covered include:
using multiple exposures and multiple lighting to product unique digital images,
using Photoshop CS to optimize and correct images, using Photoshop CS Soft Proofing
to predict final print output. Jeff will demo shooting, processing and final printing of
several still life set-ups live. Some lucky attendees will also receive
signed copies of the prints he produces.

Book Making, Russell Brown
Bring your laptop and digital images and get ready for an action packed afternoon.

Russell has developed a Photoshop Script that will make the book once you have
edited your pictures. The script need runs in Photoshop 7.0 or
Photoshop CS. To successfully complete the Russell Preston Brown book, your laptop
needs to have Photoshop 7.0 or CS up, running and ready to go.

Good stuff is to be passed out in class.

Get ready for the creative class of a life time!
Join Russell Preston Brown as he gui
des you through the creation of your very own handmade book. This class is designed for the Photoshop beginner all the way to the advanced user. It is simple and easy. If you know how to fold and cut paper, then you are ready for class. All you need to bring to class are six digital images on your laptop computer that you want to include in your book. Please bring as large of an image as possible for best results. We will supply all the paper and binding materials, you supply the creativity.

Each person will have the opportunity to make one book. You will leave class with a
CD of Quicktime tutorials to help you create more books when you get home.

Students do not need to be Photoshop experts. This class can be done by someone
who has never touched Photoshop in their life. Students do have to know how to
move a mouse and take pictures.

This is a 4 hour class with the one and only Russell Brown.
The class is limited to 40 lucky students for an extra class fee of $25 Top

Canon Coffee Delux, David Sparer and Mike Sheras
Canon Professional Markets Supervisor David Sparer will present a comprehensive
overview of Canon's latest professional products, including the Digital Rebel,
the EOS-10D, the EOS-1Ds, the new EOS-1D Mark II and
the new Canon Digital Photo Professional Software.Top

Digital in the Raw, Thomas Knoll
The original creator of Photoshop has continued to develop many of the new and exciting features that exist in the current version. Come find out just what Raw means. Is it an under-done camera with a chewy center or is it a photograph that is not done without Photoshop. Thomas will present all the nitty-gritty details of this new exciting file format, unveil the mysteries of yet-another-file format and show you how to get the greatest color depth possible out of the Raw format. Top

Yet Another Digital Camera, Thomas Knoll
Survey some of the digital cameras available today. Hear how the camera technology has developed and what the state of the art is now. See some of the top end cameras and listen to what "The Man" has to say about them. Ask about cold-weather camera performance and see some of the exotic pictures captured by Thomas. Here is your chance to ask those digital camera questions you've always wanted to. Top

Russell Brown's Power Hour, Russell Brown
Adobe's own Graphics Evangelist will do a special new session: "The Russell Brown Power Hour." Russell infuses his own wacky brand of humor into his classes, and his sessions are always a favorite. Always delighting in testing the creative limits of his tools, Russell is the prolific creator of Photoshop, Illustrator, and GoLive tips and tricks. His double treat of great information presented in a bold, zany style has won him a regular following among beginning, intermediate, and advanced users alike. Top