Jeff Schewe

Portrait by Greg Gorman 2001

Jeff Schewe has been an advertising photographer in Chicago for over twenty years. He is a graduate, with highest honors, of Rochester Institute of Technology. Jeff did his first photo assignment that was imaged on the computer in 1984 (he didn't do the digital imaging at that time) and through the 80's specialized in shooting for digital imaging. In 1992, he started doing his own computer imaging.

Mr. Schewe currently works in his Chicago studio full time, except when he is exploring the greater north American continent on his motor cycle collecting more material for his digital dark room work.

Jeff has been a Photoshop zealot beginning wth Photoshop 1.0, a beta tester starting with v. 3.0 and an alpha tester starting with 4.0,

Photo Electronic Imaging Magazine (history of Photoshop)